Workshop on Materials Process Engineering

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Workshop on Materials Process Engineering

February 19 (Thu.), 2009, San Francisco, California
Peninsula Room (25th floor), Hotel Nikko San Francisco
222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, U.S.A.

Workshop Organizer: Prof. Toru H. Okabe, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

Morning, February 19 (Thu.), 2009

AM1, Session chair: Prof. Geir M. Haarberg
9:00- 9:10 Opening Remarks
Prof. Geir M. Haarberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
9:10- 9:50 “Investigation of Difficulties in Processing Reactive Metals” (doc. A)
Prof. Georges J. Kipouros, Dalhousie University
9:50-10:30 “The Behavior of Moisture in Cryolite Melts” (doc. B)
Ms. Karen S. Osen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
10:30-10:50 Break
AM2, Session chair: Prof. Georges J. Kipouros
10:50–11:30 “Challenges and Opportunities in Titanium Metal Production” (doc. C)
Dr. Kevin Dring, Norsk Titanium AS
11:30–11:50 “Progress in Solidification Refining of Si with Si-Al Melt” (doc. D)
Mr. Yuki Nishi, the University of Tokyo
11:50–12:10 “The Removal Rate of Phosphorus from Molten Silicon”
Mr. Takayuki Kemmotsu



Afternoon, February 19 (Thu.), 2009

PM1, Session chair: Dr. Takashi Nagai
14:00–14:40 “Electrowinning of Iron” (doc. E)
Prof. Geir M. Haarberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
14:40–15:20 “Electrolysis Research at SINTEF/NTNU” (doc. F)
Mr. Egil Skybakmoen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
15:20–15:40 Break
PM2, Session chair: Dr. Kevin Dring
15:40–16:20 “The Gibbs Open Source Thermodynamics Project and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering ” (doc. G)
Dr. Adam C. Powell, IV, Opennovation
16:20–16:40 “Development of New Production Process of High Purity V metal and V-Ti Alloys ” (doc. H)
Mr. Akihiko Miyauchi, the University of Tokyo
16:40–17:00 “Recovery of Nd and Dy from Magnet Scrap by Utilizing Molten Salt” (doc. I)
Ms. Sakae Shirayama, the University of Tokyo
17:00–17:10 Closing Remarks
Prof. Toru H. Okabe, the University of Tokyo
17:00-20:00 Workshop Reception & Banquet

A part of the workshop is financially supported by the Rare Metal Research Workshop (RC-40: directed by Prof. Okabe),
one of the Special Research Group organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science (FPIS).

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